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Review-Hawaiian Tropic Sunscreen

Of all my skincare routine, sunscreen is the most important product for  me to achieve better results.
The funny thing is that when I lived in a tropical country where summer was practically all year round, I only wore sunscreen when I went to the beach. Over time, the stains and freckles began to get more present on my face and I know it was a consequence of the lack of daily use of a sunscreen .

Since I moved to Canada, I started taking care of my skin and I acquired the habit of using sunscreen every day on the face and hands,even on cloudy days or even to stay at home because the computer screen also burns like the sun and the care more important is with our health because the protector reduces the risk to skin cancer, so the use of the sunscreen is essential.

I can say to you that after I acquired this habit, my skin has another texture, the stains have decreased and there have arisen new freckles and in the hands, I make preventive use to prevent the appearance of spots.

However, aside from the face, we need to take care of the body skin too and create the habit of using sunscreen daily. Especially in the summer.

What helped me acquire this habit, was to have found the Hawaiian Tropicsunscreen which is the best I’ve ever used in my entire life. I’ve already mentioned him as favorite of the month in this post, but because he has everything (and a little bit) of what I didn’t find in other sunscreens, I thought it would be worth doing a full review for you guys.

Hawaiian Tropic has several lines of sunscreen, for different occasions or results, see more here. Forr today’s review, I’ll talk about the Hawaiian Tropic-Ultra Radiance.


Even with a consistent texture, the Hawaiian Tropic Sun Block spreads super easy, dries fast and no residuo of the product as it is totally absorbed by the skin. For me, that’s something super important, because of my skin tone.
Notice the compared in the photo below, being that on the left side of the photo I’m with another protector and the skin was checked and the right side of the photo I’m with Hawaiian Tropical protector and it is imperceptible.


One of the things that bothered me when making use of sunscreen was the smell of the product, which was very characteristic and strong, so by spreading the protector by the body in the morning, I spent the whole day smelling that for me, it was not a pleasant perfume.

Hawaiian Tropic completely solved this problem because the product has a wonderful smell and it does not seem that I am wearing sunscreen and yes a moisturizer. In addition, the smell of the product is not strong and not fixed on the skin.

HAWAIIAN TROPIC-Illuminated effect

In addition to protecting from the sun’s rays and leaving the skin with a soft touch, the Hawaiian Tropic-Ultra Radiance has mini golden particles that leave the skinilluminated when in contact with sunlight. I love this effect because it leaves the skin beautiful.

In addition to all these advantages that I have listed, Hawaiian Tropical sunscreen does not burn the eyes and has a great yield, with little product you can cover a good area of the skin.

I hope you enjoyed this tip and that this product encourages you to create the habit of using sunscreen daily.

Kisses and even the next tip.

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