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Review-Translucent powder perfect matte Annabelle

Annabelle is one of the Canadian makeup brands that I mentioned in the post about 10 Canadian brands of beauty products. This brand is easily found in drugstore networks and has an attractive price. I didn’t know the brand until I moved to Canada and a while ago I was interested in acquiring some of their products to test, so I took advantage that I was in need of a translucent powder and bought one by Annabelle.

About the PERFECT matte translucent powder from ANNABELLE

Translucent powder is ideal for disguising thin lines of the face and the brightness of skin oiliness (e.g. T zone). Annabelle’s translucent powder control the brightness by up to 6hs and adjust to any skin tone.

Value: CAD $9.95

My Product Prints

I have used the translucent powder to disguise the thin lines in the region below the eyes and I noticed that the finish of it disguises these lines more than the conventional powder. See below the comparative:

Annabelle’s translucent powder is thin, slip easy, leaving a soft touch and the matte effect. When I spread the product, I noticed that even the powder being white the color disappears completely without leaving marks, so I believe that as promised the product adapts to any skin tone.

About controlling the brightness of the skin by up to 6 hours, I am not able to evaluate the product in this regard because my skin is normal to dry and I have no point of oiliness in the face to validate it.
On my skin, I noticed that the product has really a long duration.

I liked the quality of the amazing Annabelle’s translucent powder and the excellent price. I will definitely test other Annabella’s products.

As I mentioned above, I have not been able to evaluate if the product disguises the oiliness in the skin, so if you have any oily region in the skin and by chance already used this product, please comment here your experience to help other people:)

Xoxo and see on the next post.

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