Terre Bleu – Lavender Farm in Ontario

In the Summer of last year, we visited a sunflowers field and in the Autumn we visited a pumpkin farm. As we enjoyed those experience we decided to visit another farm this year and we chose to go to Terre Bleu a lavender farm.

Terre Bleu is famous here and is located in Milton, about 2hrs by car from Toronto.
We paid CAD $15.00 (+ tax) on the ticket and to save time we bought it by the Terre Bleu website.

Terre Bleu has plantations of English and French lavenders (both purple and white) divided into two very large fields. I must have to confess that I imagined that a lavender plantation would have a strong scent, but to my surprise, there is no smell.

The location is enormous and besides the planting of lavanders, you can also see a bee-eater, a distillery that produces lavender oil, a small garden with several spices and also some horses.

There is also a shop with lavender products in the composition, such as various body cream, oils, exfoliants, candles, and even cheeses, ice cream, and lemonade. Check out the products.
We enjoyed tasting the lavender ice cream, but I confess that I didn’t like it very much because my brain can’t accept the lavender as food, so it seemed like I was licking one of my body creams LoL.

For those who like to do yoga, during the weekends of June/July/August, they sell tickets to take yoga classes in the middle of the lavender fields. Check it.

During our visit they also announced that they will have fields of sunflowers and chamomile for visitation this year, so keep an eye on their Terre Bleu’s Facebook page to find out the dates.

I hope you enjoyed this tour at Terre Bleu Lavender Farm

Xoxo and see you in the next post.

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