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The Ordinary review: Serum and vitamin C

About 2 months ago I was at Deciem’s store and shared with you in this post the product lines of the brand such as skin care, hair, makeup and even vitaminic supplement. One of the best-known brands of the group is The Ordinary and in my visit at the store, I bought 2 products: one serum and one vitamin C cream. After using them daily for almost 2 months, I came here to do a review about The Ordinary products.

My skin type: Normal
Time Testing Product:
daily for 7 weeks


The formula of this serum aims to reduce the stains on the skin. According to the product description, the brand offers a more concentrated formula, since the market usually uses only 1% of Arbutina, and its formula treats a new generation of acid called Alpha Arbutina, which is stronger than beta Arbutina and Arbutina.

Other information: This product is vegan, no alcohol, no silicone, no nuts, no gluten and like all products of this brand it is not tested on animals.
Price: I bought at Deciem’s store and paid CAD $: 8.90 Check it here.

On the site, it is indicated to use the product in the morning and in the night, however as I would also include vitamin C in my routine, the salesperson recommended me to use each product in a different period of the day for my skin could adapt with the formulas gradually. With this, I opted to use the serum only in the morning and after it, I just used only a sunblock, which is already part of my daily routine of care.

The serum yields well, with only 3 drops of the product (one on each side of the face and one on the forehead), I can cover the whole face. The product dries fast, however it allows me to spread the product without despair and as soon as I finish spreading in my face… poof… it dries! I’ve never seen anything have such a perfect time. As soon as my skin absorbs the product I feel it very soft.

Amazing as already in the first use I noticed that the skin began to get more uniform. However, after a while using the product, I realized that after achieving a certain result it does not advance, with this, freckles and small stains persisted, but I believe it is because they are in a deeper layer of skin.
But, I noticed that the product ends up maintaining uniformity and so I haven’t felt the return of stains or increased freckles and still feel the skin softer than before.

I definitely loved this serum by the Ordinary and as soon as this is over I will definitely buy it again.

THE ORDINARY Vitamin C (MAP 10%)

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that reduces the signs of aging, reduces stains, and moisturizes and gives a healthier and lighted appearance on the skin.
Like all the products of Deciem, vitamin C from The Ordinary has more concentrated formulas to offer better results.

Other information: This product is vegan, alcohol-free and all brand products are not tested on animals.
I bought in the shop of the Deciem and paid CAD $9.60 Check it here.

On the site it is recommended to use the product in the morning and in the night, even after the use of the serum, however, as I mentioned above, I started using the products in different periods to adapt my skin, since I had never used this type of product and did not know how my skin would react.
Vitamin C I have used at night after bathing and before sleeping. With the skin already clean and toned I apply the cream of vitamin C.

The cream has a very discreet smell, it is easy to spread and with little product I can spread all over my face., besides leaving no residue and be easily absorbed.
The product has a light texture with an oily touch well subtle, however, it does not leave my skin oily, but yes, soft and illuminated.
After including it in my care routine, I noticed that my skin is much more hydrated than before.

No doubt, vitamin C is a product that I felt much difference in the texture and appearance of my skin after use and so it will be a mandatory presence in my routine. I loved this vitamin C cream from the Ordinary and so I will keep using it.

Before analyzing the before and after, I find it important to share some points with you, so that this review is as honest as possible.

Light: Honestly I noticed much more the difference in the skin personally than in the photos. Even taking the photo facing the same window, the light did not come out the same in the photos and unfortunately, it affected the result of the images. But I’m learning and I already have an idea to improve this in the next reviews.
Skin tone: The picture of the before was taken in April, early spring and it was still cold. The second photo was taken at the beginning of June and the days were warm, so my skin is a little more tanned in the picture of the later.
My cheeks and the center of my forehead were clearer than the rest of the face and were in those regions that I noticed that the skin was more uniform with the rest of the face.

This month I will start using both products together, both in the morning and night and if I feel any difference I’ll be telling you on my Instagram (@mundodasil), so please follow me there.
If the results are very significant, I will come back and update this post with more images.

Have you ever used any of The Ordinary products? Tell Me in the comments that I will love to know.

Xoxo and see you in the next post.

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