Things to do in 1000 islands and Kingston

With the arrival of summer and mainly of the heat (which took time to arrive this year), we decided to take advantage of the station intensely and make some tours that are sometimes on our list and that we had not yet succeeded in accomplishing. The first is for the region of the 1000 islands where we visit the cities of Kingston, Brockville, and Gananoque. For the post and the vlog of the trip (attached at the end of this post) not get too long, I divided the trip into two parts, being the first in Kingston and 1000 Islands

The 1000 islands are part of an archipelago on the São Lourenço River, where part of the islands are on the border between Canada and The USA. The curious thing is that even calling one thousand islands the archipelago is actually composed of 1865 islands that extend for about 80km from the city of Kingston in Canada.

At the end of the 19th century and early 20th century the islands began to become a summer region of wealthy families from Canada and the USA, with this, several houses (and even castles) were built on several islands of the region that until today are preserved and remain the Loca L Holiday for the owners in summer.


The region of the 1000 islands is in Ontario about 2h30min by car from Toronto and even being a short trip, I do not recommend coming and going back on the same day, because, besides the boat ride through the islands, there are some cities in the region that are worth the visit. We were there for a weekend and it was enough to enjoy the trip well.


The main cities in the region of the 1000 islands that tourists usually stay in Kingston, Gananoque, Rockport, and Brockville. My suggestion is to stay in Kingston, as it is the largest city and this will give you more options to stay and places to eat.

On this trip, we were accompanied by our dog, Tadeu and luckily we found a pet-friendly hotel so cool, but so cool that we went away wanting to stay a little longer.

The hotel is the Green Acres Inn which seemed to be managed by a family and the atmosphere was super cozy, as well as the super attentive staff and the place well care
d for. The room we stayed in had two double beds, a bathroom and a small kitchen with cabinets, sink, microwave, and freezer.
What I thought was cute is that there was also a bed for the dog, as well as two bowls (for water and food).

Our room was in the back of the hotel (along with 3 other rooms), where there was a huge green area for dogs to play and run at will. The place was beautiful and I believe of all the places we have already stayed with Tadeu, this is what I felt most that my dog was really welcome because everything seemed to have been thought for him.

Tell me, how can you not be enchanted by that view in the morning?

The only “disadvantage” is that the hotel is 10min by car from downtown, but for us, this was not a problem because we found vague tranquility in the residential streets about 2 blocks from the center of Kingston.


We did the 1000 islands cruise with the company Gananoque Boat Line and among the company’s cruise options, we chose the Landmarks of the Islands cruise, which lasts 1h.
On this tour, the boat passes through several remarkable points of the islands such as the Boldt Castle, the statue of St. Lawrence, the 1000 Islands International Bridge. Check out some images below.

Below is the 1000 Islands International Bridge where one of these islands is in the Canadian territory and the other in the American territory, with this, the small bridge linking the two islands, is the smallest international bridge in the world.

As I mentioned above, in addition to the Landmarks cruise of the 1000 Islands cruise that we made, the company offers 3 other tour options with different paths and durations. Check it at Gananoque Boat Line website

The boat ride is not pet-friendly.
-Every cruise I left from a city or village that is close to the car but stay tuned and check the address so as not to be confused.
-To ensure the best time, purchase the ticket in advance on the Gananoque Boat Line website.


Honestly, I don’t think it’s an unmissable thing, because in the islands mostly have summer houses, so what else is seen along the Saint Lawrence River are houses of different sizes and after a while, the landscape ends up being more of the same, you know?
I think if you live around here, it’s worth doing this cruise once in a lifetime, but if you come from another country to visit I think a visit at the Thousand Islands Tower (which I’ll describe in the second part of the trip) is enough to see the 1000 islands.


Kingston is the largest city in the region and has a well-bustling center that attracts tourists (including neighboring towns) because it has several restaurants and most have great notes and reviews on Yelp. In addition to the attractive restaurants, the city that was once the capital of the Country has beautiful historic buildings on all sides, which give a special charm to the city.

Below you check the vlog I recorded sharing more details of this beautiful trip around the 1000 Islands and Kingston. Press play to check it out:

In addition to the boat trip through the 1000 Islands and the city of Kingston, we also visit the city of Brockville and Gananoque, but the details about them will be for the next post.

See Ya!

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