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Tips for traveling with your dog

When we were in Brazil, we didn’t use to travel much. Normally, we took a trip a year on vacation and Tadeu did not accompany us, because we had the convenience of living near the family, which entered practically a “dispute” to see who was going to stay with Tadeu.

However, when we moved to Toronto, we stopped having this family support and traveling with Tadeu became our main option. Which was great, because we discovered the joy of meeting amazing places in the company of our furry we loved so much.

From 2016 (when we moved here) to this day, Tadeu has visited 16 cities with us, which corresponds to about 90% of the destinations we were in during this period (check out our trips here). And I confess that if I knew it would be so nice to travel with him, we would have made short trips with him when we lived in Brazil.

It’s beautiful to see how extremely happy he is just by being together and including him on our rides. He has fun, makes a thousand jokes and we melt.

The curious thing is that in Brazil we didn’t even think to travel with it, but today we get heartbroken when we can’t take it. So if you still do not have the habit of traveling with your dog, I super recommend, because even giving much more work, in the end, everything is worthwhile. And to help you with that, I will share some tips for you to prepare your travels with your dog.

Plan the Roadmap

When we are accompanied by Tadeu, we research which tours are pet-friendly, among those we are planning to do and if none are, we end up excluding some to include others that we can do along with it.

Sometimes it also happens that we plan a ride with him and when we get there, he’s stressed out or restless for some reason. So we have to go back to the hotel or go someplace else in an attempt to calm him down. So it is important to know that when traveling with your dog not always everything will come out as planned and he is the one who will dictate the time to go and return from some tour.

On our travels through Canada, we never found pet-friendly restaurants, so usually, we organize to leave you where we are staying and go out to eat at some restaurant or we do food in the Airbnb property. For the round trips, A solution is to do a picnic or eat some snacks in the car.

Search for a stay in advance

For me, this is the most annoying item on the list, because it requires a lot of patience to research and in our case, sometimes, patience with negotiation. When we travel, we usually stay on Airbnb by having more options for accommodating and for most of the time be cheaper than a hotel. However, just like in hotels, the list of pet-friendly properties is very limited and this makes it very difficult. Therefore, search for a stay well in advance to have as many pet-friendly options as possible.

In our case, we still use a joker resource, because the Tadeu is a small dog that does not lose hair, is trained and extremely behaved, so we decided to start negotiating the accommodating of our dog with owners of real estate that are not pet-friendly On Airbnb.


So if your dog has the same characteristics as Tadeu, you can use this feature as well. If your dog unfurl and/or does not behave very well alone, I do not recommend trying this option, because surely you will receive negative testimonials and this will prevent you from being accepted by other owners in the future (even if you want to stay without the Your dog)

Try to keep the dog routine

Dogs are very fond of having a routine and this is very important for them to feel safe, so whenever we travel with Tadeu we organize to move as little as possible in his routine. For example, Tadeu usually wakes up early, then pees, eats and goes back to sleep. 

For the trips that are hitting and back, we can’t do that, because we’re not staying anywhere, so we’ve already come out aware that we’ll have to have a little more patience with him in the morning because he’ll be sleepy.

Beware of other animals


In addition to bears, Canada also houses other wild and dangerous animals such as wolves, elk, lynx, Puma, eagles, and several carnivorous birds. T
herefore, it is important to take great care of the walks around here, especially in forest areas, because there is the risk to meet with one of these animals.
In the big cities, even the odds being smaller, you can also meet with some of these animals, as in Toronto, where wolves can be seen, as well as meet with bears in Vancouver.



Transport Accessories

During some rides the dog can tire of walking and staying in the lap will help you to rest a bit.
As the Tadeu is very small, we walk with a backpack of transport that helps us to carry it in a more comfortable way, both for him and for us.

But in addition to the backpacks, there are some carts that serve to load medium or large dogs. See some models here.

Extra tips:

  • Keep your dog’s vaccines up to date, as it is necessary to take the vaccination card on plane, car or train trips.
  • Separate the portions of food per day for your dog and take an extra portion for emergency
  • Take the dog’s meal pots, favorite toys and if possible, take his bed too, so he can feel a little more at home at the hotel or Airbnb.
  • If you are traveling to some destination in Canada during the winter, take clothes or a blanket for your dog, as it may occur from the heating not working and with this the ambient temperature of the house cool and your animal feel cold (already happened this with us).

I hope these tips have helped you and inspire you to travel with your dog.

Xoxo and see you on the next post.

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