Train ride – Autumn colors tour

Autumn is the most beautiful season and to enjoy it, this year we decided to take a train ride to appreciate the coloration of the vegetation that is the striking point of this season.

We found some companies that do this tour (I will leave their link at the end of this post) and we opted for South Simcoe who is the only one who accepts dogs on board, so we could include Tadeu and have the whole family on the sidewalk.

South Simcoe organizes some tours throughout the year with specific themes such as Easter, Halloween, Christmas (which counts with the presence of Santa Claus) and the autumn tour, which we did. On website, you can track the dates of these events.

I took advantage and made a vlog of this tour for you to accompany everything in more detail. Press play to check:


It is recommended to buy tickets in advance for the site. For those who fail, the site informs that some tickets are available for sale and that’s what we did, but we did not get the first time as we would like and went on the second hour. Each ticket has the value of CAD $15.00 + fees

About the autumn tour 

The traditional ride is done on a steam train, however it was in maintenance and we did on another train that runs on diesel. The route runs through a 1920 railroad in the city of Tottenham and makes no final stop, so the train arrives at the “end of the line” and returns by the same path. This route lasts about 50min.

During the tour the machinist tells the history of the railroad and other curiosities about the country.
The tour is well organised, the staff (who are actually all volunteers) are very kind and considerate.
The landscape itself is not breathtaking, because the railroad passes behind many houses and we end up seeing many backyards. But still, the ride is a delight, because it makes us travel in time. We love and want to do other rides like this.

Check below the site of this and other companies that offer the train tours in the province of Ontario

1) The train we did the ride South Simcoe

2) Other trains I found on the Internet:

York Durham: Tour in Uxbridge City
Waterloo Central Railway: Tour in Waterloo
Halton County Radial Railway : Tour in Milton

I hope you enjoyed the ride and can arrange to do also:)

Xoxo and see you in the next post.

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