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Trend alert: Straw bag

Temperatures are starting to rise again and the days are a little longer, which is a sign that winter is already saying goodbye.
Since last month, the stores are already swapping the windows for spring pieces and the straw bag (or rattan) looks like it will be one of the next season’s stakes.

I think this accessory has everything to do with Spring/Summer because it brings a reference to beach and field. On account of this, this is an accessory for more bare compositions.

Hot days also ask for light and/or cheerful items and they are perfect to match the straw bag, which will bring a more feminine and delicate look.

I am falling in love for this bag, even more so because it is easy to match and goes with pretty much everything we love to wear on warm days, which are comfortable, light and cheerful.
Plus, it’s an accessory that is timeless and will always match those seasons, so I think it’s worth the investment.

Below, I selected some handbags that I found around here:

Zara is one of the stores that is also packed with straw bags. Check out some models below:

CAD $ 45.90
CAD $ 59.90
CAD $ 49.90

And you, how did you like this trend for the next season?

Xoxo and see you on the until the next post.

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