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Having fun in a corn maze

This weekend we did amazing activity, which was get lost into a corn maze.
This activity is a very popular during autumn in the North America.

As soon as I discovered that this was a popular activity around here, I tried to include it in our fall bucket list of this year, even more, considering that I’ve never been in a maze this was the perfect opportunity to make it.

The Corn maze we chose was that of Cooper’s Farm in Zephyr, a town close to Newmarket and about 50min from Toronto.
What caught our attention on this farm, is the maze that has a huge drawing in the middle of the cornfield and every year a new art is created to form a new maze.

Last year for example, the drawing of the cornfield was a tribute to the Raptors, the Toronto basketball team. This year, they drew a picture of Stan Lee, creator of Marvel’s heroes.

Another point we find very interesting, is that in the middle of the cornfield you will find some tips that are in the form of questions about the current theme of the cornfield. As this year was the subject of Stan Lee, the questions were related to Marvel’s hero movies.
However, to know the correct direction to go in the maze, you need to hit the correct alternative question.

We’ve already watched all the Marvel movies, but some questions were about the details of the movies that we didn’t remember, so of course we got lost in the maze LoL.
You will find 3 entrances with different paths and exits, and one maze is dedicated to kids and the other two are recommended for adults, but also there were families with kids walking through these as well.
We entered only in the mazes for adults and completed the first maze in about 20min and the second we completed in about 35min.

In addition to the corn maze, this farm has a pumpkin patch, where you can go there to harvest yours.
One advantage, is that by buying the ticket to enter in the maze you can choose a pumpkin to take home for free.

As this year we also decided to make our first Jack O’Lantern, we chose a pumpkin to bring home.

I confess that I was not with much expectation about the labyrinth, but I surprised myself, for it was SO MUCH fun.
No doubt, it’s something I strongly recommend you do at least once in your life.
We particularly like it so much, we decided to include this activity as an activity to do all year in Autumn, even more considering that this farm has new themes and mazes annually.


Cooper’s Farm’s corn maze will be open until October 27th and tickets are purchased on door.
Address: 266 Ashworth RD, Zephyr

Weeks: CAD $7.00/person
Weekend: CAD $14.00/person
Check the schedule and more information here.

I hope you enjoyed this tip and that you can include this activity on your fall list.
If you visit this corn maze, don’t forget to come here and tell me how it was.

Xoxo and see you on the next post.

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