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Visiting a pumpkin farm

This weekend we visited Downey’s farm, a pumpkin farm in Brampton, about 1h from Toronto.
Upon arriving at the farm you will find several large pumpkins exposed at the entrance, perfect for making your own Jack-o’-Lantern.

In the same place, many people are crowded to take pictures with pumpkins but you need to be careful when doing this because many pumpkins are very ripe and our weight can damage them or even break them (which is sad). So, my tip is if you want to take a picture, lower holding your weight on your legs and just leaning on the pumpkin, without actually sitting down.

On this farm, there is a huge variety of pumpkins, in different sizes and all are charged by units.
The plantations of this farm, vary according to the season (know what are in each season here), for example now in October, you will find beyond pumpkins, apples, and corn.

There is a shop there, where you find some souvenirs wines made of fruit and also a bakery that produces breads, biscuits and many pies from the products of the farm. With this there were many pumpkin and apple pies, which arrived at all times and disappeared in the same instant hahaha… So we couldn’t resist and we brought an apple pie home that was fresh and delicious.

In the store, there were also other natural products such as jams and homemade apple and pumpkin candles.

During the whole month of October happens the Pumpkins’ Festival where various activities happen in another area of the farm. The place is huge and had activities for the whole family. We did not enter this area, because the entrance has a value of CAD $15.50/person, but it seemed very cool, especially for those who are accompanied by children. I imagine that other festivals like this happen throughout the year, so I suggest to check on the website the programming of events.

This year’s Pumpkin festival season ends on October 31st, so you still have time to enjoy this last weekend to visit.

Other information

Parking: There is a huge parking lot on the farm and in front of it. Even with the place full, we had no problem finding a spot in the middle of the afternoon.

Meal: On the day we visited, there were 2 food trucks on site, one hot dog and one potato chips (including poutine). Next door There is an open area with tables for those who want to settle for lunch. We ended up buying something and going to eat in the car, on account of the cold.

Bathroom: There are some chimic toilets available for use.

We loved the tour and found the farm very organized. The structure is well planned, offering different activities and products to the visitors and even with the full place all were attended with agility. We’ll definitely be back there soon.

I hope you enjoyed it and that these tips help you on your visit to Downye’s farm or perhaps inspire you to visit a farm near your city.

Xoxo and see you on the next post.

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