Visiting a sunflower farm

Since I moved to Canada, I have encouraged myself to explore new places and new experiences, whether in or out of town. To open myself up to the world has provided me with living experiences that I never imagined, not because they were impossible to accomplish but because they didn’t know they existed.

Several times in the Pinterest I saw pictures of people in fields with flowers to lose sight of and I always thought it was in a private area and no access to the public, which might even be true, but it was not for all cases and by the mere fact of never having researched so I spent years without knowing that I could also visit a field of flowers.

In Toronto, people are very engaged and arealways researching what they can do in the city, whether to go in a cool restaurant, a different ice cream parlor, a festival, a street event, anyway… The important thing is to search and go in search of something that pleases you.

Not always everything we want has in our city, but sometimes in a nearby town, a few hours from where you live can have something very cool to know.
And that’s exactly what we did last weekend: we rented a car and went to visit a sunflowers farm that is in Hamilton, a city an hour from Toronto.

We visited Bogle Seeds, a farm that produces seeds for wild birds and since 1970 went on to plant sunflowers and became the largest sunflower producer in the province of Ontario. However, the farmlands are rented for different crops and even the sunflowers being planted annually not always the place is open for public visitation, because most of the time the plantation owner (who rented the area) does not authorize entry. With this, the season for visitation is unpredictable, and the last one occurred in 2015, that is, three years ago.

Sunflowers usually arrive at the maximum point in the penultimate week of July and last for about 3 weeks. This year’s plantation had over 1 million and a half of sunflowers, a real endless yellow ocean and it was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.
The entry on the farm has the value of CAD $7.50/per person.
Tip: When visiting the plantation I suggest using repellent because the site has enough mosquito and walk very carefully near the sunflowers because there are many bees in them.

We visited the farm last weekend and there were a lot of people on the site, with this many parked in front of the garage of the houses blocking the entrance and exit of the locals and many others parked on the next highway. Due to the chaos, the police were triggered and the police requested that the farm be closed and that this year’s visitation season was closed.

It is still too early to know if the farm will still open for visits in the future, but it is worth keeping an eye on and accompanying the Facebook page of the farm Bogle seeds, in mid-June they begin to inform if there will be visitation that year.

And for those who also want to visit a plantation of sunflowers I certainly recommend the Bogle seeds, however, if you do not live in this region, do not forget to search in your city, because perhaps you find a flower plantation, close to you. 

And have you ever visited a flower farm? If yes, tell me which one you saw because I would already love to meet others.

Xoxo and see you on the next post.

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