Visiting Quebec in winter

The first post of 2018, is about a beautiful trip that we made for Quebec in december, where we spent Christmas and no doubt was a great choice for our first visit in the city, because it has such a Christmassy air, which becomes the perfect setting for the occasion , to the point of believing that Santa claus, I certainly lives there:)


The city of quebec, is one of the oldest in CANADA. It is in the province of the same name, which is the only one in Canada where French is the POUM language. This was because the city was conquered by the French in 1608 and even though it was taken by the English in 1759, its people maintained the French language and Culture.


We drove out of Toronto on December 23rd at 6:00AM and arrived at Quebec as 5:00pm, taking off an hour of stopping, the path took 10:00.
usually, this same route, it takes about 8:00, however, as we faced the trip in winter, the roads were full of snow, which requires going slower and more Attention.
At that point, we were very fortunate to travel with a couple of friends who already have plenty of experience snow driving in the snow, because it usually snows a lot on this route and in some stretches the snow accumulated fast and the trucks that remove, did not realize, moreover still we faced freezing rain and snowstorm, which hindered locomotion. In addition to the climatic conditions, there are some reckless drivers and others perhaps inexperienced, who ended up getting involved in accidents, which were quite common to happen.

Tip: for those who want to make this route in winter leaving Toronto for Quebec and just like me, you still have no experience driving in the snow, I suggest you make this route by train or airplane, because by car I found it somewhat risky.


If I could, I’d put a flashing neon on that item to get your attention!
Visiting Canada in the Winter covered with snow is beautiful and I highly recommend it, but you most have to be very careful because it is very common to have more stringent winters, where temperatures fall drastically, coming to have -50C thermal sensation in some regions of the country.

In the days when we were in the province of Quebec, knowing the city of Quebec and after Montreal (which I will share the itinerary in another post), there was extreme cold alert (it means, that it is not recommended to stay too long exposed on the street) in practically every day of the trip, where the average temperature was de-38C.

And being very sincere… that cold hurt! It hurt my fingers, that even wearing snow-glove froze, my feet that even using snow boot, my face burned, the eyes burnt and reached the point of gluing my eyelid and I have to walk 3 blocks with an eye glued, for I could not take the hand of the glove because my fingers were already frozen, can you imagine if I took my glove off?

And why did all this happen? Because I had the accessories that couldn’t stand that temperature. So below I will give you some tips so you do not go through these problems.


Layers: It is important to dress using the layers, which already commented on the vlog of this trip (which is at the end of this post) I showed also how are the Layers. This helped me a loT to not feel cold in the trunk and legs, even at these extreme temperatures.

A good winter coat: do not save money on this item, it is very important and in the day to day you need to have only one coat of this to wear every day of winter, ie a super Investment.

Ear protector: do not fall into the illusion that only your bonnet will be enough to protect your ear. No need to invest money in this item, any ear protector that is tighter is enough to help you in these Temperatures. On account of him and the cap I didn’t feel cold in my head.

Waterproof gloves that support extreme temperature: I took my snow glove, which is thick and lined, but it didn’t make the slightest difference, because my hands even inside the glove and still with my hands in my pocket, froze. yes, It happened because I’m sure my glove wasn’t meant to withstand that temperature. solution, buy a glove that resists even lower temperatures.

Snowy boot with larger numbering: after being exposed for a while in the cold, my toes froze too, that’s because we were exposed too long and we couldn’t. My case still worsened because I bought my boot only half number larger than I use, when in fact the ideal is to buy from 1 to 2 larger numbers, so that at temperatures like this you can strengthen the boot using a thick sock. In my case, I could not do that, because the sock did not enter the boot which is practically fair to my Foot.

Protect the face: I normally use my scarf to do this, but as it is not done for that purpose, it will afroxando on the face and often you need to tidy up. The problem is to do this with an extreme temperature. So it is better to opt for practicality, using an appropriate accessory like this one.

Tip: If during the ride you feel you are cold in some part of the body, view more layers or exchange for more appropriate accessories and most importantly, it is good not to abuse staying long on the Street.


We arrived at night in Quebec on the 23rd of December and left at noon on December 27th. With this, we had 3 days and free means to enjoy the city, one of which we booked to enjoy Christmas dinner at home:)
Below I share with you some of the rides we have Made.


The Parliament of the Province of Quebec is located in the city of Quebec. As the place will be in retirement until 2019, we can only see it from the Outside.


Our first destination was battlefields Park, which was the scene of many of the battles between the French and the English. The park has a lot with a beautiful view of the São Lourenço River that cuts the city of its neighbor Lévis.


The french, in order to protect themselves from possible attacks, surrounded the place with a wall, which is even possible to walk on it (except in winter). These walls are the only fortified ones still existing in North America and have been declared as patrimony of humanity by Unesco.

The region is very popular among the tourists, because its charming buildings house today several restaurants, cafeterias, pâtisseries, shops, Small hotels to the imposing Le Château Frontenac, the most famous hotel in the City.


The hotel that draws attention not only for its size, but also for its construction so charming that stands out with the brightness of the sun, which seems to circumvent its curves all day. It’s beautiful and impossible not to be enchanted.


Below the walls surrounding  OLD QUEBEC, there is a small village in front of the harbour, where the city of Quebec began to be Built.
And it was here that I fell in love with Quebec. The little snow-covered alleys, surrounded by leftovers with doors and colored windows, have earned my Heart. Every street was a new sigh and the certainty that Santa lives somewhere there.

The region is very commercial, full of shops and restaurants, as well as in Old Quebec, but even more charming.
Over there, We also visited the Royale square that had a huge Christmas tree (linda), right in front of the Notre-Dame-des-victoires Church.

Three dimensional MURAL

A few steps away, there is a realistic painting of Old Quebec, with several personalities that were part of the history of the city as Samuel de Champlain, founder of Quebec.


We enjoyed that we were near the harbour to know the Mercadão of the City. Due to the time we visited the market was full of kiosks with Christmas items, which varied between decorations, souvenirs and Biscuits. In addition to these, there were kiosks with fruit, pies, colds, fresh pasta and Others.


This waterfall that has bigger falls than the famous Niagara Falls, was one of the most amazing attractions we have made because we saw the almost frozen falls. Consequently being a place humid the cold on the site was extreme (-40C). But it was worth the visit!

Below is the vlog of this trip by Quebec. It is worth checking out a little more of the scenery of this charming city, which is even more beautiful in the Christmas Season. Press play and check it out.

Now tell me what you think about Quebec, does it look like Santa’s town or not?

Xoxo and see you on the next post.

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