What to do in Brockville and Gananoque

A few days ago I shared here on the blog (and on Youtube) the first part of our trip through the region of the 1000 islands and Kingston, where I describe our experience on 1000 islands cruise and our visit to Kingston.

Today I come to share the second part of this trip, where we visit Brockville and Gananoque


Brockville is a small but very charming town in Ontario. I even thought she was the cutest of all we ever visited. The buildings, the houses, the parks, and even the sidewalks had different care and details that make Brockville even more charming.

The Downtown Brockville is small, but it is very cute.

I really loved Brockville! And I would definitely stay in town for a weekend to enjoy and relax.


The Brockville Railway Tunnel is the first train tunnel built in Canada. Construction began in 1854, but the tunnel was only inaugurated in 1860. The tunnel is 527m and the railway line connected to it served to transport wood from Ottawa to the port of Brockville. In 1980 the line was closed and in 2016 the tunnel was reformed to become a Feed for pedestrians. Then lights effects and ambient music were added making the ride SUPER cool.


Our next stop was at Tower of the Thousand Islands which is very close to Gananoque.
The tower is located on the Canadian side, but to get there it is necessary to pay a toll of CAD $3.75.
Entrance fee to go up to the top: CAD $11.95 (+ fees)/per person and children pay less. Learn more here.
Address of the Tower: 716 Highway 137 Hill Island, Lansdowne.

As I commented in the previous post, I did not find the 1000 Islands Cruise through the islands something unmissable, because after a while the scenery becomes more of the same. For those who do not get excited about doing the boat ride, I believe that the panoramic view of the tower will give you a sense of how the 1000 islands are.
TIP: In the tower’s top wind a lot so if the day is not very hot, take a sweater to wear at the top.


Leaving Brockville and heading towards Gananoque, we chose to go down the road 1000 Islands Parkway that borders the Saint Lawrence River with this we could have a beautiful view along the way.

Along virtually the entire road there is a huge bike path next door, where we saw several people biking and the ride must be very cool, because in addition to insurance (since the bike path is exclusive for biking), has a beautiful view of both the São Lourenço River and the whole area ve That surrounds the site. For those who want to stay in Brockville or Gananoque, it’s a cool ride to plan. It is worth noting that the path is not always on flat terrain and there are some slopes during the route.


Gananoque is a small city with indoor air and consequently, the city center has few restaurants.
Like the other cities in the region, it also has historic buildings with beautiful architecture.


Gananoque has parks with a large green area to enjoy the family and friends, but what I liked the most was the Heritage Park that owned up to a small beach on the riverside São Lourenço, to cool off on the hot summer days.
There is also a playground and many toys with water jets for children to enjoy.

In addition, the park has a beautiful lighthouse that makes up the whole scenery.

During the weekend we were in the region of the 1000 islands we stayed in Kingston town and in the previous post I share all the information about our lodging.

Below you check the vlog I recorded sharing more details of this beautiful trip around the region. Press play to check it out:

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